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In 2001 the calling to missions work in Jamaica was realized by Felicia. An invitation to a Ministry event in Jamaica from Pastor David Keane then caused many other relationships to develop with other local leaders and Jamaican youth leaders. These relationships have provided valuable guidance to identify where the greatest needs are in Jamaica. Our relationships with local leaders have also helped us with understanding the culture and provide assurance in the selection of Jamaican organizations to assist. We are assisted by local Jamaicans while doing on site visits to various organizations. This allows us to monitor the effectiveness of donated funds. American Life Caribbean Mission is listed with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public Charity. We have a non-payment policy in our organization's bylaws, for our staff and all funds are mission focused.

The following nonprofit organizations have been selected for us to support as funds are donated:

  • Operation Restoration School in Trench Town (Founder Lorna Stanley)  

  • Boys Town of Jamaica (directed by Junior Lincoln)

  • UWI (for scholarships)  or Monthly Stipend for food/personal items

We coordinate with a local church in Kingston to identify individual family needs:

  • Christian Life Fellowship- Youth Minister Gary Messado 

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