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Our Projects

University of the West Indies (UWI)
The UWI is a dynamic international institution serving the countries of the Commonwealth Caribbean. This is the region's premiere educational institution. UWI offers a wide range of undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. We are working with Jamaica Medical Student Association for selection of Medical Students that we support. Our vision is to invest in their education to help with the health and wellness of local Jamaicans.

Our Board of Directors assist with the selection of each student. We have a local Jamaican Board Member who meets with each student in Kingston Jamaica monthly to monitor their progress. We are very supportive of our students.

  • $5,600.00 provides a semester tuition for a Medical Student

  • $150.00 per month provides 2 meals per day and transportation fees

  • $2,800.00 provides tuition for a nursing or social worker student.

Operation Restoration Christian School (OPRCS)
The mission of ORCS is to educate, nurture, mobilize and empower inner-city Jamaican youth of low social and economic status to become productive law-abiding citizens. The goal is to restore dignity and give life enhancing experiences through education /skills development.

  • $35 will sponsor a students meals during school (2 meals and 1 snack)

  • $75  will provide school uniforms for a student

  • $130 will provide shoes, clothing and school supplies for a student

Boys Town of Jamaica
This school program includes vocational training development, sports, and cultural and activities clubs. Donations are used for sports equipment, teacher salaries, building repairs, playground equipment and the food program.


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